Know the History of Computers

A computer is a pre-programmed general purpose appliance to perform a set of logical or arithmetic operations automatically. As a chain of operations can be readily altered, the computer can resolve a variety of problems.

While analyzing the history of computers, you can know that the primary use of the term computer was mentioned in the year 1613 by Richard Braithwait, an English writer in his book, the Yong Mans Gleanings. If you go online, you can read more about the history of computers. Otherwise, you can also visit the website of some of the renowned computer manufacturing businesses to know the entire history of computers. Just if you press the click here key on their websites, you will get the required information.

The word computer was used to refer to an individual who performed computations, or calculations, and the term continued with the identical meaning, pending the middle part of the 20th century. The word started to assume the common meaning from the last part of the 19th century, a device that performs computations.

During the Second World War, mechanical analogue computers were employed for dedicated military applications. The first digital computers were urbanized only during that time. At first, these computers were bigger in size and they occupied the entire size of the big room, consuming more electric current than that of the contemporary personal computers.