Computer Networks – What You Need to Know

Setting up a computer network to your small business is very easy nowadays. Having a small computer network allows all of the computers in the business to use one internet connection, and for the computers to share files. Putting up a computer network is a simple task which is very essential for a business. First of all, you need to decide what kind of requirements you would need for the setup. You have to decide if you will use a wired network or the wireless network.

Most of the devices used are only plug and play as you don’t need any technical know how to have your computers networked. All your required to do is have the basic equipments for the computer networks and the right gateways

A single wireless router or gateway can sustain up to 25 computers which is enough for small business. If you are planning on adding more computers to your office, you can just add on in the future or you could buy an extra gateway in advance.

Your existing computers should be in a position to support Wi-Fi, or wireless fidelity networking. Most of the current computers are already equipped with this function. If you are using an older version of computers or laptops, you could just insert a PCMCIA orPCI networking card to take advantage of Wi-Fi capabilities.

In conclusion, to learn more about computer networks, go online and search in relevant websites and get to learn more of them.